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Egypt arrests 12 suspected militants southwest of Cairo

Oct 24, 2017

Egypt's police arrest 12 suspected militants southwest of Cairo, a few days after authorities announced at least 16 policemen were killed in a brazen ambush by militants

Russia's 2018 World Cup costs grow by $600m

Oct 24, 2017

Russian authorities say next year's World Cup will cost $600 million more than previously planned

The Latest: Catalan bank saw temporary run on deposits

Oct 24, 2017

Spain says Catalonia calling elections not enough to avoid Madrid stepping in

Pyeongchang 2018 flame lit in birthplace of ancient Olympics

Oct 24, 2017

The flame for the 2018 Pyeongchang Games has been lit in the ruined birthplace of the ancient Olympics, despite a cloudburst that disrupted the ceremony

Czech leader to ask election winner Babis to form government

Oct 24, 2017

Czech president to ask billionaire and election winner Babis to form new government

Kenya police arrest husband for murder of Australian teacher

Oct 24, 2017

A police official says they have arrested for questioning the husband of an Australian woman shot dead last week

AP Interview: Tokyo vows clean water for Olympic triathlon

Oct 24, 2017

A top Tokyo Olympic organizer has pledged to keep water clean and safe at marathon swimming and triathlon venue where E. coli bacterial contamination has been detected during the summer

Serbian defense minister denounces US official for remarks

Oct 24, 2017

The Serbian defense minister has sharply criticized as "hostile" the remarks made by a senior U.S. diplomat who has said that Belgrade needs to make a choice between Russia and the West if it wants to join the European Union

EU Parliament head denounces Lazio fans for anti-Semitism

Oct 24, 2017

EU Parliament head denounces Italian football hooligans for anti-Semitism

EU nations clinch long-sought deal on 'posted workers'

Oct 24, 2017

EU nations clinch long-sought deal on 'posted workers,' often cheap labor from Eastern Europe

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