New NASA boss gets 'hearty congratulations' from space

Apr 23, 2018

NASA's new boss is already getting cheers from space

Environmentalists ask court to restore oil-gas emission rule

Apr 21, 2018

Environmentalists are asking an appeals court to reinstate a rule restricting harmful methane emissions on U.S. lands, at least temporarily

Legendary scientist at lab that developed atomic bomb dies

Apr 20, 2018

Scientist Nerses "Krik" Krikorian, who became a legend in the once-secret New Mexico city where the atomic bomb was developed, has died

Science Says: Amount of straws, plastic pollution is huge

Apr 20, 2018

Cities and even countries now such as Great Britain are looking at banning straws because plastic pollution is a huge global problem

Trump's divisive pick to run NASA wins narrow confirmation

Apr 19, 2018

The Senate narrowly confirmed President Donald Trump's choice of a tea party congressman to run NASA

Officials eye ways to protect squirrels near Idaho dam

Apr 19, 2018

Officials are eyeing ways to protect a threatened squirrel species amid plans to expand a dam in western Idaho

Hubble's 28 years marked by shot of wild stellar nursery

Apr 19, 2018

NASA marks Hubble Space Telescope's 28th launch anniversary with peek into a wild stellar nursery

NASA's Tess spacecraft embarks on quest to find new planets

Apr 19, 2018

NASA's Tess spacecraft embarks on quest to find planets around neighboring stars that might support life

The Latest: SpaceX rocket booster lands on floating platform

Apr 18, 2018

NASA's newest planet-hunting spacecraft rockets away; SpaceX booster lands on floating platform

Warming, not cooling, donated livers may improve transplants

Apr 18, 2018

Study suggests warming, not cooling, donated livers may improve organ transplants

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